It is a contemporary art gallery in Coal mill


Look no longer at empty walls, surround yourself with beauty!


Has the space you live or work in become ordinary to you? Do you feel as if the four walls were closing in on you, and yet wall-papering does not seem to do the job? It is high time to get acquainted with our gallery!


Not in a gallery, but in identification with a given space does each work of art attain its uniqueness.


Choose a work of art and you will see what an impact it may have on you and the space around you. Art is not only for connoisseurs. In each piece of good art there is a little piece of ourselves. Don´t be afraid to enter into the world of art originals – your very first step towards art does not need to be a huge investment. offers a noncommittal, personal and intimate venture, a first acquaintance for those who hesitate, who have doubts. You can explore the energy that a piece of art can lend to your home of office.



Výstavní činnost galerie finančně podporuje Ministerstvo kultury ČR, Státní fond kultury a Středočeský kraj.
Projekt Umění mění myšlení se uskutečňuje za finanční podpory Evropské unie z výzev Národního plánu obnovy.